Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Introducing The Phoneparazzi…

Hello and Welcome to The Phoneparazzi! This is my very first photo blog and I’m really nervous as I try to imagine how it will eventually turn out. I wonder: Have I just given birth to a good child? Or a monster?

There has always been a paparazzo in me but unlike the real life ones who chase after celebrities, I rather just chase after Life. Or wait for it and snap it as it comes.

I once used to have a camera but after another took a fancy to it and never returned it, I’ve taken to observing subjects through my sibling’s digital camera or relying on my phone to so the snapping. This is the beginning of yet another journey for me.

And I’m inviting everyone to come along. Just like all my other blogs, this is an Open Forum so all Guest Contributors are welcome. Like any game though, there have to be some governing rules (which I’ll get to post later) so there won’t be any dirty play.

So much to say! They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I guess I’ll let mine do all the talking…