Sunday, January 25, 2009

Small And Medium Scale Enterprise

Every Nigerian is a potential businessman there’s no denying that. I can bet that when God was sharing out entrepreneurship, a whole lot of Nigerians must have been jostling in front of that queue.

In stark contrast to the Maximum Security shop of the previous post, I came across this “shop” in front of a house where I went to ask directions and I must say I was so touched by their business acumen that I had to take a picture.

Their stock which was tailored to cater to our very basic needs included but was not limited to (starting clockwise from the top):

- a container with several pencils sticking out
- several plastic containers holding Maggi cubes, other miscellaneous seasonings, granulated sugar and sweets
- a bucket containing our dearly beloved garri (or is it rice? I can’t remember)
- something wrapped in a black polythene bag (couldn’t figure what was inside but I couldn’t ask to open it, now could I?)
- washing soaps and sachets of detergent on a plate
- a ledger, no doubt for recording profit and loss
- a portable cooler with a sachet of water on top signifying the contents (probably 2 other sachets)
- and a yellow paint bucket containing several other unidentifiable substances

Impressive stock, eh? Quite a way to start a business if you ask me. This pix took me down memory lane to the days when my mum did have a store like this that sold everything miscellaneous.

The whole look of this enterprise taught me a lesson in humility. This business owner, rather than steal or engage in any of a million nefarious activities wakes up every morning convinced that she is filling her neighbours’ needs and joining her efforts (no matter how small) towards national economic revival while oiling the wheel of financial independence (that’s CBN-type speak by the way).

And considering the very open nature of this shop compared with that of the previous post, I bet you the owner of this one doesn’t need to sleep with any eye open.

The pix might look amusing but please don’t laugh. After all, this was probably how ShopRite started!


  1. Talk about creativity and innovation.. That definitely is the poster child for that....

  2. The owner really need not sleep with an open eye but hmmm you never can tell

  3. That's very interesting. My friend, Uju who just came back from Naija was telling me about how the lady who braided her hair in Naija was an enterprenuer. Apparently, she sold teapoons of hair cream, half satchets of hair attachments, and even hot water. LOL. Couldn't believe my ears. But hey, it's all business. I'd love 2 own my own businesses too.

    Saw your question by the way. LOL. Will answer when I update.

  4. I totally agree with you on the fact that Nigerians are enterprising people...but most of the time, we lack the discipline to take our businesses to the next level...generally speaking that is...

  5. I'm wondering, why do you want to further enrich the shoprite peeps by putting a link to there page? Got a stake there too?

  6. @ DB: Not just the poster child but the poster father and mother as well...

    @ Standtall: No-one in Naija actually sleeps with both eyes closed. You could still be visited by the men in black no matter how poor you are. Sad but true...

    @ Vera: Your friend Uju just came back form Naija? My aunt Uju just left Naija oh! Hmmm...
    Hot water ke? Na wa for that kin enterprenuership sha!

    @ NL: Well said! You hit the hammer on the head. Where you dey when Yardie dey form economic team? Abeg we need people like you who can call a coin a coin on it oh!

    @ ESQ: Put the link as a sort of comparison between this business and theirs. This one would have had no exposure unless I posted about it whereas ShopRite has a ritzy website. Got no shares there so I've removed the link...


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