Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is Technology Reading Our Minds?

My apologies... Despite the title, this is not a real post. I guess I'm just faffing around… whatever that means…

The Techno-seer?
You’ve read a good post. You want to comment. You click on the link and a window pops up that may or may not have Comment Moderation turned on according to the blog author’s settings. You leave your comments and then you may or may not need to fill in the Word Verification security thingy.

Ok, sorry oh! I forgot… you all know the drill.

Anyway, sometime in the recent past, I was gleefully reading an (ahem!) R-rated post on Woomie’s blog and I wanted to leave a slightly X-rated comment on it when I opened the Comment form and this is what I saw:

Ahn ahn! How come? I thought this word verification thing is usually supposed to generate a jumble of words so as to confirm if a human being is actually typing in the word? How could it have possibly known I wanted to type a “bad” thing? This thing can be spooky oh!

That’s how the other day I was on M.I.’s blog it wanted me to type in “lemoncaid” (a mixture of lemonade and Kool-aid? Hmm…)

So tell me, what are some of the most unusual words you’ve come across when browsing through blogs’ Comment Moderation or e-mail and site log-ins?


  1. LOL.. Maybe its some silly script that analyzed the occurence of certain words on the page and decided that was the most appropriate one to use for verification......Haven't really been tracking the silly words I get to enter for verifying stuff tho....

  2. LOl. How I wish I have being recording some funny ones I have come across

  3. LOL! Hahahahaha. Naughty Eyes, na guilty conscience dey worry you jooo! Talk true abeg! Hehehehe. So what did you do when you saw the word verification, "sperm"? Did you still type it? Or did you flee?

  4. LMAO!!
    those word verification thingies can be creepily appropriate for the post u wanna comment!
    i've experienced it too!

  5. @ Dabizniz: I absolutely agree...

    @ Standtall: You just might be surprised what you see on these Word verification thingies if you take note.

  6. You know wetin we dey call all this techie shit in my office?

    Oyinbo witchcraft!

  7. Oh...and you've been awarded and tagged.
    Check this page:

  8. @ Afronuts: LOL @ "oyinbo witchcraft".
    You tagged me AGAIN? ARGHHHHHH!!!!!


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